C: Cowardice, Clarity, and a Code of Conduct

C: Cowardice, Clarity, and a Code of Conduct

The NFL is all tangled up over a rash of recent incidents featuring pro football players beating the hell out of someone who could not pose a physical risk. Why the Confusion?

Question 1: Is it appropriate for a man to assault a woman, especially his lover or wife? NO Question 2: is it appropriate for a man to use a weapon (belt, stick, branch etc.) to produce bruises and welts all over the kid’s body including in his groin, all in the name of discipline? NO

If these football players were car salesmen they would be jailed and unemployed. Because they have athletic skills the league gets the two questions wrong. Suspend the men without pay until it is adjudicated in court. Then, if one or more is acquitted give them their back pay. When faced with a scandalous child abuse case Penn State did everything wrong to protect the felon—I decided they asked the Catholic bishops how to handle the affair. Yes, I am Catholic. It looks like the NFL’s PR specialists are asking for advice from the Ferguson Police.

Football, especially pro football presents the ultra macho men and does everything possible to make them role models.

A MAN does not need to beat up his wife or son. Spouses protect one another, or they should. See, it’s not complicated.


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